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Opening into possibility



The single biggest way I know to rob myself of peace and satisfaction is to compare the ACTUAL reality I’m living in, with how I tell myself it “SHOULD” be.

There are many ways in which the way we think can separate us from being present and loving towards ourselves.

Stubbornly holding images and stories of what “SHOULD” be happening is one of them.

It may seem odd for a guy who talks about “creating your own reality” to caution you about holding idealistic pictures in mind; but the truth IS, that harshly comparing your current reality to a fictional ideal is harming you in the here and now.

So if the essence of spiritual practice is to “embrace what IS” and the key to personal development is to “focus on what you want” how can we possibly reconcile the two?
My take: It’s all in the emotional position we adopt.

When Michelangelo was chiseling his famous ‘David’ statue out of a single hunk of marble it’s unlikely that he was resentfully thinking:

“Damn it! This fucking block of stone IS SUPPOSED TO look like a bloke”.

It seems more likely to me, that he would have been in a deeply inspired state, gazing at the marble and ALLOWING the famous masculine form to manifest gradually and patiently.

Self-actualization is the ART of manifesting your truest, fullest expression of your Self.

Such a profound process cannot emerge from a denial of what IS, or from an attitude of negation or self-recrimination.

When we choose to love what IS it becomes very easy to transfigure the present into the future (which is really just more of the present) in a form that we choose (or at least influence).

That which we resist, persists. (It’s true because it rhymes).

That which we love and appreciate grows more beautiful.

There is nothing you “SHOULD” do.

There is only an ever-increasing alignment with your highest truth and desire.

Like all art, it’s simultaneously the easiest and most difficult work we can ever do.


feed your soul FIRST.

In his book “Compassion” my good mate Osho talks about ‘selfishness being the core of all spiritual practice’.

In signature style Osho is being deliberately provocative; as usual though – he’s right on the money!

Until we are filled with love for ourselves we aren’t actually THAT much use to anyone else.

The simplest way I know of becoming fulfilled is to make sure I’m deeply living my values.

Turns out, for the first half of 2014 I’ve been way off!

I quickly ran through my values and asked how fulfilled they have each been in the first half of the year – here’s what I came up with:



No wonder I was getting frustrated and burned out!!

If your top 3 soul values aren’t close to 100% fulfilled your probably not THAT happy right now.

Its unlikely you’re full of joy or bliss and you’re probably running various dysfunctional behavioral patterns (depression, procrastination, addiction etc.) to compensate.

I spent the first 4 months of the year VERY focused on building a business that would create transformation for the people it touched AND on ‘making money’.

It turns out that neither of those things (by themselves) are ultimately what fulfills me deeply.

During my month long Bali break in May I realized I was burned out and that I WASN’T fully living my values even though I SMASHED the goals I’d set for myself on New Years Eve.

Right now I’m taking some time to restore the balance and create the fulfillment and joy overflow that will then mean I can REALLY make an impact in other peoples lives.

I’m also revisiting the SOUL VALUES model I created a while ago and realizing how empowering it is – especially if you can self-muscle test!

In addition to ranking the last 6 months I’m working out which activities I need to experience more of (and how regularly for how long) to feel deep fulfillment on all levels.



It just so happens that many of these activities benefit others too; but the point of soul values is that I’m doing this for myself.

When we AREN’T living our highest values it feels like there isn’t enough time or space to do the things that matter.

(Which is why when you work in a factory or a call centre or other soul destroying occupation for 40 hours a week it can be so hard to write that album or start that dream business unless you get up at 6am to do it!)

When we make sure our highest values are met BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE we begin to overflow with energy, self-love and vitality.

This makes it a LOT easier to attend to a lot of the other stuff that comprises our day-to-day lives.

What are the top 3 things that if you started doing them for an hour a day (or even an hour a week) would enrich your soul and flow over into the other areas of your life?

It Never Ends..

One of the challenges with the transformational work i do is managing the time period afterwards whilst the people and the reality around me adjust to the changes i’ve made in myself.

Most “normal” people aren’t easily able to change core behaviours at the drop of a hat.

They have what Landmark people call an “already, always, listening”. In other words, if one of your family members have always seen you as “selfish” and you finally clear and collapse the pattern behind that behaviour – you will very quickly start noticing the areas in which this pattern runs and it will start to change. Your family member (or friend, or colleague, or client) will still be holding a certain image of you in their head until something demonstrates otherwise.

This can be hard at first as you’ll be all open and loving and people you care about will reflect back to you that you are “selfish” (or whatever the specific behaviour is). During this time its really important to practice love and compassion.

Firstly with yourself. Holding yourself in a space of love, gratitude and acceptance. I don’t really vibe with “forgiveness”. When you are deeply loving of yourself there is nothing to “forgive”.

Secondly extending that love and compassion in the form of patience, openness, support and gentleness with the people around you. This is still a work in progress for me. 🙂

On my recent holiday in Bali i had some MASSIVE shifts, these lead to big value shifts and feeling myself moving from a more ego-self driven “level 3” (in spiral dynamics) way of dealing with the world into a more collective/community/caring “level 4” view of the world.

(You could also look at it as moving from chakra 3 (will, power, etc) into chakra 4 (heart, love, openness).

As a result i can now see all of the systems problems in my current business, i can see where i was uncaring or harsh in my relationship and i can FEEL very strongly the love and compassion i have for the people in my life.

Anyways.. my point is – if you are going through transformation, be gentle with yourself. Don’t be too hurt if the world doesn’t instantly reward you for your hard work – many people’s reality is quite fixed and its hard for them to really SEE or FEEL what’s going on.

The real reward is in the freedom of opening into the next level and the joy of becoming more and more our true self.

5 Paradigm Shifts That Turn Lead Into Gold.

Over the last 15 years I’ve spent a LOT of time and energy re-programming the way I think and how I relate to what is possible.

This has resulted in a lifestyle, a business, a level of cashflow, a spiritual pathway, a set of connections, a phenomenal intimate relationship with an amazing woman, regular adventures and mystical experiences that far outstrip anything I could have ever imagined when this work started back in 2001.

Here are some of the mental shifts that REALLY changed everything.

1. Focus on what you want to create – not what resources you currently have.

“I can’t afford it!” it’s the mantra of the financial retard. The same people who “can’t afford” healing work, financial advice, coaching, marketing, or other things that they KNOW will develop who they are and what they are capable of can still “afford” car payments, overseas trips, tickets to festivals or boozy nights out on the tiles.

The single most powerful skill of entrepreneurs (and amazing manifesters too) is the ability to go after what they want REGARDLESS of how much is in the bank or whether its going to be convenient.

Do you need to learn a skill? Put the course on a fucking payment plan.

Sell one of your kids. (kidding.. mostly)

Just do what it takes to evolve. Otherwise you’ll be stuck where you are.

Where there’s a will – there’s a way (and other inspirational clichés)

2. Manage energy not time.

“I don’t have enough time.” Yeah I know. Me either. Except mysteriously when there’s something I’m passionate about. Then I miraculously find time. The truth is – time contracts and expands based on how we feel. When you’re inspired you can put 12 hours into something. When you hate something – even an hour feels like a mega drain.Stoner Voice “It’s all about the energy man.”

When we do things that enrich us (might have to quit that job you hate), when we look after our bodies, and when we manage our ENERGY as well as prioritise – its amazing how full (and fulfilling) things can be. You DO have enough time. You’re just investing it in things that don’t energise you

3. Live YOUR values. Not someone else’s.

Achievement and success are all well and good. But why are you doing what you’re doing? Is it to fulfill your parents values system? To be a good person in the eyes of society? Fuck that. Be honest with yourself.You have a purpose on this planet and you have things that make your heart sing. Do those things. Its not that hard. It just takes courage if you’ve been a bit brainwashed. Once you get a taste though – its impossible to go back!

4. Stop chasing money. Start creating value.

People sometimes think I’m some money hungry guy. I’m passionate about the subject because I think a lot of us are trapped by our relationship to it. The truth is though, money is just a measurement system. It won’t open your heart. It won’t keep you warm at night and it won’t make you feel like you’re making a contribution (at least not in and of itself).

The real magic is creating VALUE in the world. Serving the planet and the people on it in a tangible real way. Once you get good at this, once its engrained in the way you think and you can’t help but think of new and creative ways to serve people – so long as you VALUE YOURSELF as well – getting a return on investment is inevitable.

Hint: if you’re working a job (or building a business) that ISN’T working towards something you believe in –  your still “chasing money”.

5. Condition yourself for your position.

We get conditioned. This world shapes us a certain way and if we don’t take a hand in that process we get whatever it gives us. If you want to be a professional fighter – you better be ready to train 6 days a week, hang out with people already where you want to go, get great coaches and spend your life honing and evolving yourself into that thing. The same applies for everything else. If you want to be a creative entrepreneur who makes a contribution to the world whilst living their dream lifestyle – there’s a gazillion attitudes, skills and behaviors you’re going to need to learn. If you are stuck in a day job – get one thats teaching you things you need to know later. For me that was sales.  More on this later!

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